Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Playing Possum, Spraying Spittle, and the Sneakiest Day

It’s not over till the fat lady sings; I maybe humming, but I ain’t singing yet.

Despite what you may have heard or read, HB954 is NOT dead! Thanks to you, however, it is on life-support.

 Readers, you have done an amazing job towards getting us to this point. Thank you very much. Your calls have been having the desired effect and you should be very proud.

 Now we have one final push to cut off the head of this poisonous snake. Tomorrow is the last day of the session; and it is the
sneakiest day of the session. The stories I could tell you about last-day antics would seem unbelievable. Some are hilarious, and some would scare the pants off of ya. As I write this, you can just bet your bottom dollar that the arm-twisting and horse-trading is at a fevered pitch in the back room, and you can be darn sure not much good will come to us out of it. But I am dead serious about this folks. It is not safe to blink until midnight tomorrow. So prop those eyelids open and remain vigilant.

 Now, is the time for a big push. We cannot lose ground! "Dweeby" McKillip has had a fit and fallen in it. He is whining like a three year-old, that his bill is being ambushed. And his puppeteer, the ever dangerous Dan Becker, the President of Georgia Right to Life, is foaming at the mouth and spraying spittle with every word, so keep your hankie handy.

 Here is Mr. Becker’s mantra. Taken directly off of the Georgia Right to Life web site. (bolded mine)

 It is the principle that all human life has God given, constitutionally
recognized value. The idea is simple yet bold.  Ultimately, it may provide a direct challenge to the central holding of Roe v Wade, the landmark decision that made abortion legal in the United States.  Personhood will restore respect and effective legal protection for all human beings, including the unborn.  It encompasses the threat of emerging issues, such as cloning, embryo experimentation and euthanasia.  "The prolife movement must mature beyond the singular goal of 'saving babies' and engage our current culture of death", says Georgia Right to Life President Daniel Becker.

 Boy howdy, every time I read this I have nightmares for weeks – real weeks, not "Dweeby" weeks.

 I know that your dialing finger is complaining about being over-worked lately, so promise it a vacation
starting Friday. Meanwhile, we need to make more calls. We are too close to victory and just as close to defeat. We cannot let this slip away now. You have done an excellent job of spreading the word through your networks. I have received calls from folks all over this state – Valdosta, Augusta, Calhoun, Clayton, Albany, Athens (especially Athens), plus many others hometowns, from folks who are expressing both outrage at HB954, as well as thanks for getting the word out. Many had no idea about HB954 and its unconscionable implications, until they heard from you. So, please stay vigilant and keep up the good work.

 "Dweeby" and Becker are thinking that because HB954 is being referred to as dead (I call it playing possum), and that Speaker Ralston has not (yet) appointed a conference committee, that we all will wipe our hands, pat ourselves on the back and say "job well done". And that's when they will "pull a sneaky". Well, think again bubba, because all along they have under-estimated us and think of us as politically naïve. Now, we may not be savvy cigar smoking, backroom deal making politicos, but we ain’t stupid.

 While they are still in the stuck in the "barefoot and pregnant" men
tality mode, we have moved on, to stiletto heels and contraception. And we ain’t goin' back. They really just can’t seem to figure this out. Perhaps they need to get out of the man cave a little more often.

 So rev up your dialing finger again good folks: Make just three simple calls.

 Lt. Governor Casey Cagle 404.656.5030

 Senator Tommy Williams  404.656.0089

 Governor Nathan Deal   404.656.1776

 Here is your message:

 Do not let Speaker Ralston bully you and the Senate on HB954.
There is a link at the bottom of the email if you would like a longer explanation about why this is the message. Of course you can just say whatever you are comfortable with saying.

 And, if your dialing finger is holding up, give your your Senator a call too. The link to find your Senator

 Hang in there! And remember, no blinking.


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