Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wisconsin Voter Photo ID Law Struck Down - It is powerful and compelling

The League of Women Voters of WI filed a lawsuit challenging one of the nation’s most restrictive photo ID laws based on the Wisconsin state constitution. Today the 9th circuit court of WI struck down the law with a permanent injunction. The court’s decision is attached.


“Without question,  where it exists, voter fraud corrupts  elections and undermines our form of government. The legislature and governor may certainly take  aggressive action to prevent its occurrence. But voter fraud is no more poisonous to our democracy than voter suppression. Indeed, they are two heads on the same monster.
A  government that undermines the very foundation of its existence  – the
people’s  inherent,  pre-constitutional right to vote  – imperils its  legitimacy as a government by the people, for the people, and especially of the people. It sows the seeds  for its own demise as a democratic institution. “
Here is the Wisconsin decision:


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