Sunday, March 25, 2012

Power to Women - Call To Action – Defeat HB954 Tomorrow - March 26th


, watch this short, powerful video! It will explain, far better than I can, the seriousness of the situation we are facing.  The Georgia relevance is explained below.

Here is a bulleted primer on the issue we are facing. Bullets seem appropriate since this is a war, a war-on-women.
·       The national agenda for the Republican Party is to overturn
Roe v. Wade. This is no surprise to anyone who has been awake during the last decade.

·       Unless we act, this Draconian Agenda will be accomplished by chipping away at women’s reproductive rights, and putting mandated restrictive measures into effect in each state – as we have been witnessing here in Georgia over the last several years. Also, look at what has happened recently in Idaho, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi and other places.

·       Specific to Georgia – and this is important boys and girls – the GOP goal is to get a constitutional majority, so they can implement a constitutional amendment like the one you just witnessed in the video above. Make no mistake; we are a heartbeat away from this reality with tomorrow’s vote.

·       Towards the goal of getting to that constitutional majority, they have recruited, enticed, and cut amazing deals, (think, sold soul to the Devil) in order to get enough Democrats to turncoat to their side – Our good buddy, “Dweeby” Doug McKillip, author of HB954, is a shining example – elected as a Democrat, he switched parties to the GOP right off the bat. Even a blind pig could spot that he's soulless.

·       To further ensure that they will achieve their goal of a constitutional majority they have skillfully used the redistricting process. You can review how this happened at my blog:

 and also here at

·       HB954 is not about abortion, reproductive rights of women, etc. It is about authoritarian control over women and women's health. Pass HB954, I say, over my dead body! Which, by the way, is a viable option under HB954.

Tomorrow is the turning point. If you have never come down to the Capitol to lobby your legislators, tomorrow is the day to do it! Take a vacation day, call in sick, find child care, use your lunch hour, do whatever it takes, just please do your best to show up. You can bet your ovaries the Right-to-Life women will show up. We must overwhelm them. 
How will we be able to explain to our daughters, granddaughters, and great-grandaughters how this happened under our watch?

Action steps
: please take these steps, even if you are able to show up.
  1. Forward this email to everyone you can: friends, family, colleagues, book clubs, sorority, fraternity, and neighbors.
  2. Post this on your facebook page. 
  3. Twitter about this.
  4. If you blog, blog about it.
  5. Call your friends and carpool to the Capitol. I find MARTA the best way. You can drive to any MARTA station and park for free. Georgia State is the MARTA station exit for the Capitol.


Make three short and easy phone calls:

1) Call your senator, if you need help finding your Senator here is a link:

2) Call Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and tell him you are strongly against HB954 - 404.656.5030

3) Call Governor Deal and tell him, if HB 954 passes, He must not sign it into law.   404.656.1776

Do not be shy about making these calls. No one will question you. This is a numbers game. They are simply keeping a list of those for and those against. At the end of the day we need the “ those against” list to be the longest.
We will gather in the hall just outside the Governor’s office at 11:00 to go over strategy and get prepared.
I will get to the Capitol around 9AM to start organizing materials. If you get there early and you want to help, text or call me on my cell 678.775.8946;  you can also call Krista Brewer on her cell 404-314-6468. This will be the best way to locate where we are at that moment.
I will have badges with our message for everyone. I will also have 100 around-the-neck badges with the graphic below for the first 100 who show up, and other stickers for everyone else.
Onward. I will see you there tomorrow!

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