Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Take two aspirin between your knees and call a legislator in the morning.

If you woke up the morning after the 2012 legislative session ended, with a head pounding like you had gulped a half bottle of cheap wine the previous evening, I can explain why. Your headaches and heartaches are compliments of our knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing right-wing darlin's down at the Capitol.  

Once again, these Neanderthals have bopped Georgia women over the head with a club, and dragged them by the hair back into the man cave. Or, as they like call it, "The Gold Dome".  That dragging by the hair always creates one heck of a headache.  

But I reckon we ladies should feel real special. Here we are in a bad economic times, Georgia still has one of the highest unemployment rates, with foreclosures to match; yet these boys worried themselves silly about our female plumbing. Your private pubic parts are now out in the public domain without a fig leaf.  

Bless their hearts, it seems to me as if these good ole boys have a bad case of vagina envy. Mix that with the fact they are problem-solving adverse, and you get to why we have bills like HB954.    

Sadly, HB954 was passed in the last few minutes of the legislative session. (Remember, I warned you it was the sneakiest day of the session.)  The keep-'em-barefoot-and-pregnant mentality remains oh-so alive and well in Georgia. Makes you proud doesn’t it?  

But the War-on-Women is no joke or slogan. Unfortunately, it is not even an exaggeration.     Well folks, we can sit back and say, "Woe is me", or we can stand up straight, square our shoulders, and say not only No, but "Hell No!”     We must channel our anger, frustration and just damn disbelief, into real and overwhelming action. So, first things first. 

HB954 – now lies squarely in the hands of Governor Deal. If he signs it, HB954 will become the law. If he doesn’t sign it, HB954 will be toast.    We must marshal all our friends, all our family members, our neighbors, our doctors, colleagues and anybody else we can think of, to make an all-out effort to persuade Governor Deal not to sign this terrible bill into law.

Even if you called the Governor during the session, you need to call again; because this is a very different message. The fate of HB954 is now in Governor Deal's hands, and his hands only.

This is our most immediate last hope. So focus once again, right now, like a duck on a June bug, get your "peeps" to call the Governor. Make no mistake, these individual calls are extremely important, and can be very effective. They need to know we are watching and we are politically savvy, not to mention mad as Hell.   

It is important to recognize and remember that the rest of our fine state of Georgia is not representative of what we see up at the Capitol. Goodness, if it was, I would have packed up and been gone a long time ago. 

Georgia’s good ole boy legislators like to treat us voters, and especially women, like mushrooms – keep ‘em in the dark and feed 'em crap. I have, however, been heartened by the number of men who have made calls on our behalf, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and others. Moreover, I've received emails and phone calls from all across this state – Albany, Clayton, Gainesville, Athens, Augusta and Savannah to name a few – thanking us for giving them a heads-up about these goings-on at the Capitol. So keep up the good work and keep spreading the word.   

Call Governor Deal NOW and say – Don’t sign HB 954 into law!   404.656.1776.
For being such good foot soldiers in this war on women, I offer you this bonus: “Dweeby” Doug McKillip’s cell number.   706-340-4102.  Right this minute give him a call too, and "thank him" for giving us that lousy HB954.  It will feel soooo good.  

But be sure to call him NOW! He'll likely change his number when he learns we have it, him being the skittish paper tiger he is. 


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