Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Get to the polls and be Quick about it.

I thought ya’ll might like an update on our darlin' "Dweeby" Doug McKillip, who was the author of the infamous & misogynistic HB954.

McKillip is heavily supported by The Georgia Right to Life group and the Speaker of the House; in fact, many refer to him as the Speaker's lap dog, which explains "Dweeby's" annoying and constant yapping.

I saw many hugs passed between "Dweeby" McKillip and Dan Becker, President of Georgia Right to Life, during the last legislative session. Geez, their political coziness makes me queasy and uneasy.

So, how is "Dweeby" doing in his primary race?

Well, his Primary opponent, the indomitable Regina Quick, is smart, funny, hardworking and honest. She also has signed the pledge to limit lobbyist "gifts" to $100. I guess you could say that would make her and "Dweeby" polar opposites.

Regina is doing well with the home folk voters; who obviously can distinguish between her authenticity and McKillip’s "smoke and mirrors".

As for Dweeby? Well let's look at the numbers, researched & shared by a CPA in Athens.

Of the $97,775 McKillip raised since January 2012, a whopping 94.3% came from outside his district. Or another way to look at it, only about 5% came from the district.

Of the $51,873 that Quick has raised since January 2012, only 24.8% came from outside the district.
However, most telling is this: of McKillip's contributors, 91.3% are from outside the district, and they are mostly legislators, lobbyists, PAC's and Special interests.

By comparison, 21.1% of Quick contributors have come from outside the district and more importantly  - NO lobbyists, NO Pac's, and No Special Interests!

I should probably note that some of Regina's  “outside” funds came from a bipartisan fundraiser hosted in Atlanta, by John Padgett, Georgia GOP Secretary, others, and myself.

The question voters in HD 117 should be asking themselves is this -
Who will Doug McKillip will be working for, and beholden to – IF – he is reelected?

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